How It Works

We will feature hot sale / deal on from manufacturer, restaurant and service based businesses etc. Mostly, the sale is at least 50 to 80 percent off of the regular price which make you a great way to try a product or service at a greatly reduced rate.

As far as purchasing the sale, some sale will be set a minimum number of sale that have to be purchased in order for the sale to "ON" and others don’t, the sale will be "ON" even if only two are purchased. It depends on our merchants business policy.

Once you purchase the sale, we will send an email to you with voucher. You can then print that voucher and present it to the merchant for redemption.

Usually sale / deal stay active from a day to a week or more, depending on the requirement and each sale have an expiration date. If it is a popular sale and you don’t find it in time, it may be sold out. So if you see one that interests you, don’t delay your purchase.

Time is the essence for a lot of the great sale. Hurry, availability is limited.